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Project Description
DSLPed is a framework to design, develop & deploy WPF-based projectional editors of custom Domain Specific Lanugages (DSL) as add-ins into the Visual Studio 2010 designer.

What is it actualy good for? ... Projections!
A Domain Specific Language can be worthwhile if the language allows a solution of a particular problem to be expressed more clearly than an existing complex language would allow. Those languages are designed to solve only a specific problem coming from a limited problem domain. If their grammar is described by the set of XSD rules (, their XML ( instances can be presented in several forms (text-editor, diagram-editor, ...). The presentation forms can be understood as projections, where any change within a projection will affect directly the instance of a language being edited.

The aim of this framework is to ease the creation of WPF-based projections and enable their integration to the Visual Studio in a form of common IDE designers.

Projectional Editor?
An editor that can switch among all the projections defined for any part of the given Domain Specific Language.
  • User can decide which projection to use for the code manipulation
  • All the changes within one projection will be propagated to another one operated over the same piece of code

  • Visual Studio 2010 Projectional Designer
  • Standalone Desktop Designer
  • Custom DSL projections in a form of MEF components extending the mentioned Designers

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